Friday, October 26, 2007


Ah im so dumb, I wanted to post all of this today but I scanned it in so badly I had to crop the bottom half of it out, clone troopers n all. Im really happy with this pin-up, it was a lot of fun to do and gave me a little breather within projects.
Im really busy at the moment which is always good. Im knee deep into the Richard the III and am almost 15 pages in already.
Atomic Rocket group is about to be solicited too which marks Willys first appearance in Diamond. I'll post up the cover to volume two here in the coming few days aswell as those pages from the Birmingham book


Marco Roblin said...

Just add some John Williams in the background!!

Dec said...

Ah man, you're killin me with the cropping, i wanna seeit all!

Looks great man. Nice composition, great blackspotting, etc.

Lookin' forward to the finished piece.

Rich said...

Man Will, every piece you do gets better and better. Very Sweet.

jamie said...

i know my star wars art.
i think that's the best piece of star wars art i've seen in ages,
and i really,really know star wars art.

Dec said...

Are you gonna post the whole piece, or wha'?

jamie said...

i bet he does good clones troopers.

Will Sliney said...

There is infact Clone troopers in the bottom half, a whole two mind you. Ill scan it tonight, been really busy the last few days drawing Richard the III

luke f said...

what did you use as a reference?