Monday, June 14, 2010

Wolverine Panel Process

I've been meaning to do this for a while. Heres a drawing of Wolverine attacking some zombie type fellow in an artic lab.

Step 1. Is the thumbnail process where I sketch out a few really really rough panels before deciding on one of them. They're pretty much illegible to anyone else except myself but the idea is to keep them quick and loose

I use the thumbnail and lay out a quick blueline sketch(below), trying to get all of the energy of the thumbnail in there. This way the decision making is made on paper and the hard work is put in then in Manga Studio

Step 2. I create a new layer in and go over the blue line working out and defining the muscles more the build up the body

Step 3. Is the refined line art. Again, a new layer, I take my time and draw what will pretty much be the finished line art of the figure work.

Part of Step 3 can involve some non organic 3D referance. In this instance I used a 3D model I created of Wolverines' claws so I can view them from any angle.

As you can see here I've used a stock 3D hand and that model is in no way used in the actual drawing, its just there to help the 3D positioning of the claws

Step 4. Spot the Blacks.. Pretty self explanitory

Step 5. The Background. Often, when a scene that takes place over a large number of panels, I will spend a night infront of the TV building a model in 3D studio Max. Here I created some complex pylons and desks as I knew they would be featured a lot. This helps me move the camera around the room a lot yet still keep everything in continuity

Here's a model of the room

And here it is drawn into the scene. Again on another layer just to keep things tidy

Lighting can be done in 3d but it tends to look too perfect so I ususally leave the shading choices up to my own brain to give it a more natural, non referanced look. I add a lot of texture at this stage too
And thats pretty much it. Here I added in a stronger Outline to Wolverine to pop him more. If I was colouring this I would dull out the complicated background a bit, that way the detail is all there if you want to look at it but you still remain focused on the characters


Gio said...

Thats really cool man, the best development piece i've come across- really unique way of doing it- well that I know of. When you put in the background do you drop in the 3d file then render it so its looks like line work?

Stephen Mooney said...

Really, really strong stuff Will. All this Wolvie stuff really looks top-notch

Will Sliney said...

Thanks guys. Gio I render it out in 3dstudio max using a program called illustrate and then i draw over it


The work that goes into getting the lines and perspective right is a hell of a lot. How many hours does it take for the set up?