Friday, September 19, 2008

Doodling like mad

So I just finished my last page of Richard III bar the covers so Im feeling pretty good. Got the last page done aswell as a few sketches today. Heres a page in the style of the Clone Wars movie. (Star Wars again I know) and a Bizarro sketch.
Also I've been reformatting the blog quite a bit lately to include a 2d and 3d portfolio section. Theyre about halfways done at this present time. (The 3d section being the closest)
Starting my own book next week. Cant wait!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Age of Heroes

So I'm half thinking of changing up style for the Age of Heroes book that I'll be doing at my own pace. Keeping it more cartoon like with maybe even a touch of silver age to it. The only thing is I think this would suit the start of the book but not the second part of it which gets a lot more apocalyptic. Hmm, tough one.


Actually that above post gave me an idea how to mix things in. Think im gonna go way back to the 30's Superman style for certain points of the story
Edit 2:

Actually I think I might use the following pic as part of the first panel of the book. Its quite obviously meant to be simular the the first Superman comics which is a subtle plot point of the book