Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New York Comic Con

Hey guys, Have a con exclusive coming out next week at the New York. Have my bags packed and am ready to fly over myself with a fairly big Irish contingent so its gonna be a lot of fun. Messers Mooney and Shalvey from the Micks will be there aswell as a few others. If last year was anything to go by a lot of time will be spent in the bars... or at a petrol station beside the bar waiting for it to open (ah the memories Dec)
Anyways, back to Farscape, I cant wait to get my hands on this and see what it looks like in person. Here are the inks for it aswell as a youtube video Boom Posted to show the Holofoil effect.
In other Farscape news, Strange Deteractors is going well and I'll also be doing covers for Farscape D'Argos Lament which comes around the same time as SD

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

St Hendrix

Heres a shock, something thats not to do with comics. Might be doing a few illustrations for a local pub as the new manager is redesigning the place into a music bar. The current decor for the place is like a church so I was thinking a series of famous musicians around the place would be a lot of fun and look really cool. Gonna colour thins using photos of stained glass so it looks like a real stained glass window itself

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Strange Detractors

As far as I know this is in Previews now (Or has been for a couple of weeks) so you can order away to your hearts content. Did the interiors on this, The covers are by Joe Corroney and Dennis Calero, written by Keith DeCandido, Rockne O'Bannon

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Age of Heroes is Finished

Finished this up yesterday bar a few spelling mistakes and touchups. Gonna send it around to a few people now and see what they think. Honetly I dont mind if it doesnt get published or anything like that. It was just a lot of fun to do.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Im an Astronaut

Heyhey all, im back in Ireland after a great year in Toronto, was obviously sad to leave the place but I came home for christmas which is always a good time to travel home.
Looks like my next stop on the road will be Japan which Im quite excited about. Thinking of heading there for a month to draw some more Farscape after the New York comic con. Probobly will be back in Ireland for the launch of issue one of Strange Detractors.
Anyways heres a sketch of the main man himself John Crichton. I really wanna nail the likenesses for this run as thats what the farscape fans on the boards I've been lurking on want the most.
And as much as I love the gritty textured art of say Leinil Yu, im gonna try and go the more Adam Hughes, Ryan Sook type route and get it down with the least amount of lines possible.