Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Did these pages last October. Should be printed in Futurequake in the UK soon enough. It was written by Kieran Murphy. Am looking forward to seeing it in Print.
One of these pages was inked by Dec actually when we were inking away watching some shite telly. If your familiar with his work you'll notice that his page is the one with the slightly rubbery faces!!!!
Joking aside, Iv just seen some of the pages he's done for the third issue of the new volume of Freakshow from Atomic Diner and they blew me away.
Anyways, Christmas is over and Iv enough drink in my system to last for a few months so its back to serious work today


Declan Shalvey said...

My Name is Earl is not shite TV!!!!

Will Sliney said...

Is that what we were watching. Fair enuf, thats a good show. But I can be forgiven as TV in your house usually means feckin Big Brother or somethin like that

Bob Byrne said...

ooohh...rubber faces, Big Brother, come on Will don't hold back. Does he wear a dressing gown when he's drawing?

Anonymous said...

Only for me Bob, only for me

Anonymous said...

Those pages are superb, Will. I'm looking forward to seeing the completed story in Future Quake.

Best wishes,

Andy Winter