Friday, May 18, 2007

4 Page spread

Having never even done a two page spread, you can imagine this took quit a bit out of me. Im really happy with how it turned out and can gladly say that its sold and will soon be gracing someones wall.
After scanning this I think Im finnaly gonna get an A3 scanner. It was rediculous lining it up.
Ok, im off to read Ultimates 13 and cry at the 8pg spread in that.
The best bit about it was that I finally got to draw the Freakshow cast (The five on the far right!!) Which was fun to do following in the footsteps of Mooney, Thompson and Shalvey


Unknown said...

That's gorgeous, mate! I reckon Bryan Hitch had better look out.

Stephen Mooney said...

Really like this piece Will, great composition. Laying out such a crowded piece is quite tough to do, but I think you nailed it man. Excellent. And even better in the flesh!

Will Sliney said...

Cheers guys. Ya I think the scan didnt work too well. Especially seeing as though I had to repaint some of it in Photoshop. Pain. in. the. arse