Monday, October 01, 2007


Well it was a great weekend. Brilliant to meet everyone who stops by on the blog and put a face to the names and also to meet a load of new people aswell. Honestly didn't expect there to be such a big crowd at the thing, my arm was wrecked from sketching by lunchtime, it was really great.
I have to take this moment to say a big big thanks to Rich Carrie, his sculpture of the Project Bushido is just amazing. It now graces my profile pic on just about every social site thingy I have.
Well done also to Rob for setting the whole thing up.
I have a lot more pics to post when I get my hands on them and also I must scan in a "Strangeland" sketch of Dec by Tayto fan Paul. But for now feast your eyes on that fine sculpt and its happy fan


Rich said...

Glade you like it Will, it was my pleasure to make it for you. Nice to finally meet you face to face, see you at the Birmingham Con.

Anonymous said...

tayto man
my god
but seriosly it was a great day
thanks for the sketch!

Anonymous said...

I got a great sketch of the Frightener. I am looking forward to the next Atomic Rocket Group sice you and Rob did such a great job on the first one!

(Well done to Rob on the con)

Stephen Mooney said...

That Strangeland sketch of Dec was actually really good, did that lil kid draw it? I'm seriosly impressed with that.

Anonymous said...

Hey will. Ive got some news for you. I AM THE TAYTO MAN.
seriously though its really me.
Luke told me about this site and I thought ide have a look see.

But that pic of Dec is nutin.
I have a whole book of Declan pictures at home.......well no not really. That would just be scary

Anonymous said...

Oh ye and thanks moondog. Or is it Stephan? I dunno