Thursday, December 06, 2007

Another day another Iron Man

I did a pic simular enough to this a few weeks back but it wasnt quite right. Much prefer this one though. Dustin Nguyen was on here the other day commenting on it which kind of inspired me to draw another one. I wish I could say hes an influence but honestly I think I have a long way to go before I can say that, his style is really organic and beautiful and demands a really high skill level that I aint even close to


Kevin Mc Namara said...

nice pic, would make for great wall paper! threw up some more pics on my blog, dec threw in his 2 cents, and got some feed back, any tips yourself would be cool!

Rich said...

This is realy nice Will. I liked the pic before I love it now. Realy sweet man. Nice one.

jamie said...

the big mystery is... why the fuck aren't you drawing the regular iron man book?
isn't warren ellis doing an iron man limited series...?
he never misses a trick,that one.
sombody have a word.

Anonymous said...

my friend paul showed me the finished ironman pic he did for you
it`s feckin deadly!
don`t know whether he sent it to you yet though...
and marvel would be feckin idiots not to accept you for an ironman book

Will Sliney said...

Ah cheers guys, im working alot lately trying to improve my art, in both the main Rich III job and doing my own personal sketches. im doing a spidey page in my spare time at the moment that I really really like, ill post it up when its done.