Saturday, January 05, 2008

Avenging Richie

So Im about 35 pages into the 160 plus of Richard III.Finished a page pretty quickly today that Im quite happy about so I did a a bit of free time drawing of the Mighty Avengers. Heres a panel from Richard III and the Mighty Avengers Panel


Catie said...

...this is going to be bizarre enough to read like spam, but it isn't.

My name's Catie Murphy and I'm a novelist and comic book writer living in Cork. ( is my professional website). I've just sold a superhero comic to the American production company the Dabel Brothers. My artist is leaving for another gig, and I'm looking for someone to replace him.

I have absolutely no idea if you're looking for work, but if you are, I'd love it if you contacted me. My email address is

Rob Curley from Sub City can verify I'm not a lunatic, or at least, that I'm not taking the piss.


jamie said...

f*ck me,why don't i get chicks contacting me offering me work on my blog???
oh yeah,cos i'm a lazy f*ck who doesn't have a blog.

Rich said...

Happy New Year to you Will!

Been checking out your pages at the Classical site, great stuff.
Sweet avengers pick aswell.

Unknown said...

Nice work Will!!!

Will Sliney said...

Thanks guys

Anonymous said...


how about some preview pages for Atomic Rocket Group 66???

I saw it listed in previews but I can't seem to find anything more about it.