Friday, March 28, 2008


Continuing on in this lame pattern of posting once per month. Heres a pic from a Recent Richard III page. Theres loads of characters around the place in the recent scenes which is tought to draw but a lot of fun and makes for some good pages.
Just got my ticket for the New York con in the Post yesterday aswell as young Deckys one. Cant freaking wait for it


Anonymous said...

I saw the ads for the New York con in the recent us and dec are two lucky duckies judging by the cracking line-up.hope you have a great time at it.
lovely page as well,by the way

finnegandraws said...

I'm gonna print this off and take a ruler to it to make sure all those lines are correctly in perspective :) Only jokin', great picture and enjoy NY

Stephen Mooney said...

Nice panel Will, real depth of field goin on there. Nice work on Sunday at Anfield too.

Rich said...

This is really coming along nicely man. How far into are you now?