Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Shock to the System - Amazing Spider-Man Prequel

I'm going to (hopefully) post a mini commentary as each issue of Spider-Man 2099 launches

A couple of years ago I spent about a year living in New York city. To pass the time on the subway I would often take a sketchbook and quietly sketch everybody around me.

What I noticed most was how alien the fashion sense was to me, an Irish man from a small fishing village.

So imagine it from Miguel's perspective. A man from a different time. I'm going to try and highlight how bizarre modern day can look to him by picking some of the styles I observed myself while in New York

On that note. Cadence Comic Art
has some of my pages on sale. 

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LD! said...

Cant wait for the first ish to hit stores.Really looking forward to this book!