Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Project Bushido

I got through inking a page of Stability Theory last night quite quickly so I decided to take out the sketchbook and start working on some designs for a future project.
As of late I've been intrigued by artists such as Brandon Peterson who have been doing a very good job of using 3D elements in their work. What with my old job being a 3D artist I definiately feel its worth giving this technique a shot
For example, In Ultimate Vision, the Galactus robots are all modelled in 3D and exported straight to Brandons drawing board. Whilst it does take a lot of time to model things up, it really does allow you to add an infinite amount of detail to an object.
Heres an early design I did last night for Project Bushido, something I am considering modelling up in Max.


Declan Shalvey said...

What the fudge is that?! I like it, especially the gears and hinges, etc. Will that not be really hard to model in 3D?

Will Sliney said...

Its the first design of the Bushido from ARG. Were gonna go a bit more 50's sci-fi with the design which should be a laugh to draw.

As for modelling, nah, it would be a snap. Things like mechanical parts a simple

Anonymous said...

Yeah he's right, mechanical parts are easier to model, usually because the geometry of the shapes can be described by fairly simple mathematical algorithms, (as against the other ind of algorithms)...sorry I just wanted to look cool on your cool site with al your cool sketches :D

Seriously though, I'm loving it man, you know I was saying for ages I wanted to see you designing shit form the ground up, and you're really coming up trumps! Full Marks Willy!.

Today I had my whole arm inside a cow!!!