Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

Wolverine Panel Process

I've been meaning to do this for a while. Heres a drawing of Wolverine attacking some zombie type fellow in an artic lab.

Step 1. Is the thumbnail process where I sketch out a few really really rough panels before deciding on one of them. They're pretty much illegible to anyone else except myself but the idea is to keep them quick and loose

I use the thumbnail and lay out a quick blueline sketch(below), trying to get all of the energy of the thumbnail in there. This way the decision making is made on paper and the hard work is put in then in Manga Studio

Step 2. I create a new layer in and go over the blue line working out and defining the muscles more the build up the body

Step 3. Is the refined line art. Again, a new layer, I take my time and draw what will pretty much be the finished line art of the figure work.

Part of Step 3 can involve some non organic 3D referance. In this instance I used a 3D model I created of Wolverines' claws so I can view them from any angle.

As you can see here I've used a stock 3D hand and that model is in no way used in the actual drawing, its just there to help the 3D positioning of the claws

Step 4. Spot the Blacks.. Pretty self explanitory

Step 5. The Background. Often, when a scene that takes place over a large number of panels, I will spend a night infront of the TV building a model in 3D studio Max. Here I created some complex pylons and desks as I knew they would be featured a lot. This helps me move the camera around the room a lot yet still keep everything in continuity

Here's a model of the room

And here it is drawn into the scene. Again on another layer just to keep things tidy

Lighting can be done in 3d but it tends to look too perfect so I ususally leave the shading choices up to my own brain to give it a more natural, non referanced look. I add a lot of texture at this stage too
And thats pretty much it. Here I added in a stronger Outline to Wolverine to pop him more. If I was colouring this I would dull out the complicated background a bit, that way the detail is all there if you want to look at it but you still remain focused on the characters

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Monday, June 07, 2010

Heroes Con

I had heard a ton about heroes con in the previous years and all reports were always glowing, and I have to say, it really does live up to it. Heroes con was a blast.
My good buddie Duncan Shalev and I left New York on Thursday morning only to be greeted by the Heroes people with a shuttle to the Hotel. We were in pretty early so we got to relax for a bit before joining up with good friends Ben and Heidi, with them, Templesmith (a nice Austrailian..who knew!) and his minion Molly to head out and eat some Seafood.
Was at the Boom booth for pretty much all of the Con signing with KRAD, tons of people came up with long boxes full of the Farscape run which was cool. Got to meet some great people for the first time. Peter Krause was an absolute gent, Mark Waid is most definately not evil, got a great colouring tuturial from Matt Wilson. Hung out with the Zuda crew, The Timmonys, Kevin Colden, David Gallagher and Steve Ellis who were awesome as always and doing great live broadcasted sketches. Went for Sushi with the other fellow New Yorkers Sean Muphy, Rob and Chris (aka Dara), Adam and Bo who provided the dancing. At that stage we like many others had given up on the hotel bar and just stocked our rooms with beer. Saturday night then turned out to be one of the legendary con nights. We started out with team Boom in a asian restauraunt but had to split the group as the restaraunt was over crowded so the Kids all headed off to Dish for a southern family style meal followed by the Thompson bar next door which im going to insist that everyone at the con goes to next year. It was Michael Alan Nelsons birthday so the hard drinks came out and thus hilarity ensued ending up with us arriving into the hotel like a tour de force ending up with me somehow losing my shoes only to have them turn up at the Boom booth the next morning. Thanks Kate!
All in all the show itself was great. Its the most art orientated show ive ever been to, theres no rat race for work and everybody is in good spirits.
Roll on New York con in October where the Irish will invade West side manhattan