Monday, March 26, 2007

Iron man test

Did this in about half an hour. Im still trying to decide whether to pursue this route or not


Andy Winter said...

This 3D stuff is really interesting (it looks amazing, too!). Do you think it would work in a traditional sequential comic or is it more suited to one-off, pin-up style art?


Will Sliney said...

Dunno really. Personally I tend to cringe when I see stuff like that in the sequentials. Im gonna try something with it though to incorporate the model into my pencils

Dec said...

I know what you mean Will. As good as these 3D things can look, sometimes in a sequential story they just look awful.

clamnuts said...

Well let me for once speak with authority and drop some knowledge, Alex Maleev's civil war thing has a credit for the lad who done the 3d modelling for his Iron man. He does all his shit in Painter.

So there, I DO read/illegaly download comics