Friday, September 07, 2007

Im back and im black

Well, im less shade of white anyways atleast but I'm sure that will be gone within a few days thanks to our crappy Irish weather.
Just started on a six page piece for Declan Shalveys Your Round issue two. Its written by the mighty talented Ben McCool and is a lot of fun to draw. Heres a panel from the first pg


Rich said...

The trip seemed to do you good Will, very nice pic man. Welcome back

Andy Winter said...

Good to have you back Will - nice panel.

How was New York?

luke said...

can`t wait to see more of your stuff
rob gave me a copy of the script of rocket group 66 and if the arts
as good as the stuff you got up here,you got one hell of a book on your hands!can`t wait

Will Sliney said...

Thanks guys,
Rich, ya Im definitely refreshed from the trip, i thought it would take a lot longer to get back into the swing of it.
Andy- New York was great, I'm already booked to go back over, I should have a bucketload more Brothers pgs for you soon.
Luke, Cheers man, cant wait to get my hands on it myself

Dec said...

I came up with that post title ages ago!
Welcome back Will, i missed ya!