Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Richard the III

Just spotted this on the classical comics website. Really happy with how the colours are coming out.
Theres a 15 page preview up on their website thats to help with the GCSE's at www.classicalcomics.com
Hers one of the pages from that section that Im quite happy with
Never really did a montage page before and had a lot to stick in this one


Dec said...

That's a pretty page.
That's some pretty colouring.

..........you're pretty.

Rich said...

It's realy turning out great Will,
love the colours, realy suites your work

luke f said...

i have to agree with Rich,I wasn`t sure if your stuff would look good coloured but that has proved me wrong
can`t wait to see more coloured pages(hint hint...)

Will Sliney said...

Me too man, me too

Kevin McNamara said...


jamie said...


Clamnuts said...

Nice colouring. Must be a relief for you!

Will Sliney said...

Cheers guys, yup Im happy with the colouring. The guy did X-men before and a good job at it at that, I have his issue at home somewhere. Im dying to see more