Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Age of Heroes

So I'm half thinking of changing up style for the Age of Heroes book that I'll be doing at my own pace. Keeping it more cartoon like with maybe even a touch of silver age to it. The only thing is I think this would suit the start of the book but not the second part of it which gets a lot more apocalyptic. Hmm, tough one.


Actually that above post gave me an idea how to mix things in. Think im gonna go way back to the 30's Superman style for certain points of the story
Edit 2:

Actually I think I might use the following pic as part of the first panel of the book. Its quite obviously meant to be simular the the first Superman comics which is a subtle plot point of the book


Kev said...

Hey will. i think you shoukd mix the styles up, it wont take away from the book, it will only make it more visually interesting! it would add something extra to it!

Declan Shalvey said...

I like all these versions to be honest, man. I'd use them in different parts where they apply, and use a different look for the apocalyptic stuff.


luke f said...

Amazing stuff.
I`d agree with Kev and Dec,don`t be afraid to mix it up because the books I always enjoy most are the ones with an experimental way of telling the story and I think if anyone in the Irish biz could do it,it`s yourself.

Moondog said...

These old-skool pages rock, man, the simpler the better I reckon.