Friday, February 26, 2010


With the old age of heroes comic uploaded and out of the way. Iv started redoing it. Firstly by changing the name (now that Marvel have brought out an AoH comic). Secondly by overhauling the story. It now starts the the apocalyptic future and retells the fall through flashbacks. Which leads to, redoing the characters. Artemus is now called Solas, (which is Irish for light.....i think!). I was thinking too of naming a character after each of the Micks for a laugh. I've already posted Roche over at the Micks Blog, so here he is again.

I'll post up Commander Mooney tomorrow


Gio said...

Great drawings man, the details shocking!! Really slick! And like the new blog look.

Will Sliney said...

Thanks man, nearly finished it now. Need to add in a portfolio section an a few other little things and im done