Monday, March 15, 2010


Working away in Declan Shalveys studio at the moment. (Well, its really Stephen Mooneys studio) Heres a screengrab of a finished panel from some upcoming Farscape.


Paul D said...

Wow. Lookin good. I'm impressed. Its a big improvement to that Tayto man u drew for me back at Sub-Con '07 hahaha.

Can u remember me Sliney?
I'll give you a hint. Declan Shalvey sketch haha. You never put it up haha.

But back to my origeonal point, havent been on your blog in a few months and ur sketches are lookin great. Keep up the good work

Will Sliney said...

How could I forget Tayto man!

Paul D said...

You just cant. I'm likin these new sketches your doin quite a bit

You still based in Toronto?