Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Eighty Awesome Eighties Action Heroes #4 Westley The Princess Bride

I think I need to watch this movie again. My main memories of it are that Andre the Giant in it. This was quite fun to do. its almost like you throw up a skeletal figure then go have fun with draping the really loose clothing over it. This is the first of two commissions, I cannot wait to do the next character, hes one of my favourites, so much so that Im getting a friend to pose for me in his replica costume so that I can get the pic right.
Four down.. Seventy Six to go!


Puredaft said...

Brilliant... hope the other one is Inigo Montoya: 'you killed my father, prepare to die.'

Will Sliney said...

Cheers man. Glad you like it

jamie said...

i recently saw cary elwes at a tatty sci-fi show,
he looked like sex on a stick.
and he was paying his respects to the great bob anderson at the time,which was even cooler.
great pic,too.
really captures his character.

your indy is awesome,too.