Sunday, May 04, 2008

Bot Girl

Since I got the oul cintiq (yup I got one last month and love the thing) I've been dabbling a lot into coluring and just generally sketching a lot more. I wish the thing was a little more portable though so i could have it with me infront of the tv or whatever while i was relaxing or whatever. Heres two characters from a computer game Im working on, gonna have low poly 3d versions of these guys soon enough


luke f said...

ha!I got a wacom too!
well it`s only a little bamboo though and I still have to get used to drawing with it but it`s the bee`s knees all the same
so what`s the cintiq like?
and a game,eh?like a computer game or card kinda thing?either way that`s really cool

Will Sliney said...

Cintiq is great luke, its allowed me to try aout a load of new things and tighten up my inks aswell. But most of all I dont have to scan anymore which is just the best news ever.
Its for a computer game