Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Colouring practice

So the Cintiq is making me finally try to colour stuff a bit more. This looks waaay different on it actually so i gotta get calibrating. I really like Laura Martins colours on Secret Invasion so I did up a little doodle and tried to ape her style. This looks a little cel shaded to me so i gotta try and work on the apparent randomness to some of the highlights


Rich said...

Man everyone seems to be inking and colouring their own work these days, I have to get my shit together and push past just penciling. Nice Nightwing pages by the way. I love how much detail you put in your backgrounds. Nice work.

jamie said...

sweet wolverine.
any chance of a kitty pryde to go along with that sketch?

Clamnuts said...

Nice. You using Painter?

Will Sliney said...

Cheers guys,
Nah Bob its all Photoshop.