Sunday, January 04, 2009

Im an Astronaut

Heyhey all, im back in Ireland after a great year in Toronto, was obviously sad to leave the place but I came home for christmas which is always a good time to travel home.
Looks like my next stop on the road will be Japan which Im quite excited about. Thinking of heading there for a month to draw some more Farscape after the New York comic con. Probobly will be back in Ireland for the launch of issue one of Strange Detractors.
Anyways heres a sketch of the main man himself John Crichton. I really wanna nail the likenesses for this run as thats what the farscape fans on the boards I've been lurking on want the most.
And as much as I love the gritty textured art of say Leinil Yu, im gonna try and go the more Adam Hughes, Ryan Sook type route and get it down with the least amount of lines possible.


Keith R.A. DeCandido said...

You're gonna be at NYCC? Excellent!

jamie said...

you lucky,lucky bastard.
i'm not even a fan of farscape,but what a great gig.
also,check out the work of dave dorman,if you want to do some channeling,art-wise.

Declan Shalvey said...

That's a great likeness Will. Can't wait to see some sequentials.

Will Sliney said...

Most definately gonna be at NYCC Keith. Looking forward to it.
Yeh Jamie Im delighted to get the gig, especially being a fan of the show and all.
Cheers Dec, reckon Im getting a handle on Crichton now. Only 5 million species of aliens left to practice!

j. said...

Looks right on, Will.

I've only seen the show a few times but I figure that white haired alien chick would be fun to draw. The actress has such unusual body language as that character.

Also, you get to draw muppets!


Hilbo said...

Beautiful clean lines, you artwork is lovely.