Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New York Comic Con

Hey guys, Have a con exclusive coming out next week at the New York. Have my bags packed and am ready to fly over myself with a fairly big Irish contingent so its gonna be a lot of fun. Messers Mooney and Shalvey from the Micks will be there aswell as a few others. If last year was anything to go by a lot of time will be spent in the bars... or at a petrol station beside the bar waiting for it to open (ah the memories Dec)
Anyways, back to Farscape, I cant wait to get my hands on this and see what it looks like in person. Here are the inks for it aswell as a youtube video Boom Posted to show the Holofoil effect.
In other Farscape news, Strange Deteractors is going well and I'll also be doing covers for Farscape D'Argos Lament which comes around the same time as SD


j. said...

Nice looking shot of Crichton, Will. Looking forward to the issue when it hits the stands.

I think Cameron and some of the Lunch Lads will be in New York again this year! Reckon you'll see them at some point!


Leigh G said...

Quite possible the shortest Youtube vid of all time! But very cool all the same mate.

Wish I could be in NY to see the reception you get at that panel dude!

Will Sliney said...

Cheers Jason, Ill let ya know when its out. Yeh im sure Ill find the TO guys at some stage in NY. Lookin forward to it.
Cheers Leigh, dunno how much panel action therel be now but im gonna have a blast anyways. For some reasone you need to play that vid a second time to see it all in its shiney glory